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        犯我中华者 虽远必诛


        2019-02-20 15:45:30 | 来源: | 参与: 0 | 作者:三泰虎

          The single biggest reason why China surged ahead in last 10 years while India fell by the wayside


          Ten years ago, India was seen as a potential superpower, capable of combating the rise of China. Today China has risen so fast that it challenges the techno-military might of the US. India is too far behind to matter.

          The main reason is India’s dismal educational system, producing unemployable college graduates and schoolchildren close to functional illiteracy. The latest Annual Status of Education Report reveals that barely 50% of children in Class 5 and 73% in Class 8 can read a Class 2 text. Only 44% of Class 8 children can do simple division. How can such a country become a superpower?

          Ten years ago, China was still exporting mainly labour-intensive items made in factories employing thousands of workers at low wages. India at the time had emerged as a formidable exporter of computer software, ahead of China in this high-tech area. It had also risen fast as a world-class exporter of generic drugs, small cars and refined petroleum products.

          Today, China has not just surged ahead of India but created hi-tech world champions, such as Huawei in 5G telecom, and BYD in batteries. China is the world’s largest producer of solar cells, aluminium and steel. India meanwhile has not produced a single global champion or become a global power in a single new field in the last decade. Its eminence in generic drugs has been eroded by growing dependence on Chinese active drug ingredients. India’s software industry is struggling.






          As columnist Gurcharan Das has pointed out, China’s success owes much to its emphasis on meritocracy. Its high-quality educational system has driven relentlessly to catch up with the West, and now produces world-class academic output. China overtook the US in the number of published academic papers in 2016, though it lags well behind in quality. China’s R&D spending is 2.1% of GDP, less than the US’s but higher than Europe’s average. India’s R&D spending has stagnated at around 0.65% of GDP for two decades. It lacks not just money but quality scientists for research.

          BJP-leaning scientists at the recent Indian Science Congress claimed India had test-tube babies in the Mahabharata era (hence 100 Kauravas), and aircraft in the Ramayana era. One scientist rejected the theories of Einstein and Hawking, instead proposing “Modi waves”, for which he wanted to get a Nobel Prize. If this is the direction in which politics pushes science, India has no future.

          China has decent colleges in almost all provinces.... Deng Xiaoping decreed decades ago that China must send tens of thousands of students abroad every year, ignoring worries about a brain drain, convinced that many would return to enrich the country with world-class human capital. In 2008, China launched a Thousand Talents scheme to woo back top-quality overseas academics with world class facilities and salaries. This has greatly boosted human capital and buttressed China’s hi-tech capabilities.



          中国几乎所有省份都有不错的大学。中国决心在技术和经济影响力上成为世界第一,因此中国?#27426;?#25552;高大学的教学和研究标准。几十年前,中国每年就输送数以万计的学生到国外学习,?#36824;?#20154;才外流的担忧,坚信许多人会回国,为这个国家带来大量世界顶级的人力?#26102;尽?008年起,中国又开始用世界顶级的设施和薪水吸引海外顶尖学者回国。这极大地增强了人力?#26102;?#24182;支撑了中国的高科技能力。(译文来自参考消息网 http://column.cankaoxiaoxi.com/g/2019/0122/2369670.shtml)

          (作者:印度著名经济记者?#38599;?#31859;纳坦·艾亚尔 Swaminathan A Aiyar)


          Kavi Tanna 298

          There is no way to compete with China in manufacturing, not even with good quality education. Our only hope is specific industries like pharma, IT, oil refining, etc.



          Kavi Tanna

          Got nothing to do with education, got everything to do with China going into manufacturing. Even if Scamgress had their act together and went into manufacturing same time as China there is no way we could have competed



          Rahul Soni 62

          though the article is right in many senses. but China has grown tremendously due to its theft of petabyte of data of US defense servers.



          Dominator Force 157

          What merit did the IITs and IIMs achieve other than a cheap western labour arbitrage? The growth of any nation is predominantly decreed by its Engineering education.



          Honest Soul 4767

          The author of this article has no credibility. He is trying to blame BJP for everythingLike Mani Shankar Aiyar that cynical chap


          Rakshit Karia 84

          The Guy who has written this article probably never went to China


          Anirudh Chakrabarty

          In 1991 engineers from China we"'re trained at RDSO. My father was amongst the team that trained them. The Chinese used to marvel at our technology English skills etc. Today the Indians go to china to get trained.





          Amar Akbar Antony

          In China there is no religion. In India, Ayodhya, Triple Talaq, Christian conversions, rape by priests etc are more important than development. Caste is more important than anything else. The findings are not surprising at all.




          Ashok Jena 52

          This article shows true face of our education system.People should take note of it and demand for quality education.



          Ramaben Patel 4320

          The standard of education and most particularly in Govt. schools is extremely poor against what you find in USA schools. If I have to educate my children, I shall never ever think of putting them in Govt. school. Let us see where the children of Ministers, MPs, MLAs, Industrialists etc. have been studying when they were in Primary and secondary education classes.If the Country is to progress, quality of education ,not only should improve but should be number one.





          Honest Soul 4767

          Core problems in India:1. Over population2. Reservation based on caste3. Regional political parties4. Corruption at all level including Doctors Lawyers and CAs5. Tax chori


          Anil Nahar 1161

          Congress Laid policy in last 60 Odd years wanted only average education so easy to get votes , Visited couple of times China , India will not be in next 100 yrs can reach to level of infrastructure level reached BJP is also falling in same trap .




          Maanoj Bhandari 124

          it''s the problem with the society. man has landed on moon. however our society still grapples with female fetecide honour killing and triple talak. superstition religion is what drags the society down... one major thing that the author didn''t point out is China is a no religion country... there is a unified law regime.. in India we have Hindu law Muslim law Punjabi law and so on ... these things not only drag the society down but also creates a divide ... we Indians are greedy self centred people who only think about them selves.... country people society everything is secondary








          Ek Sat 51

          author - blood sucking brahmin parasite


          Vasantray Vachhani

          Mr Aaiyar is funny. He is not able to recognize the reason why China is far ahead of India now and gap shall increases. The two blockades are population explosion and Decayed judiciary. God save Indian illiterate, selfish and greedy people from corrupt leaders like Aaiyar.




          Saleem Ansari 15

          We can Rename China to India. Problem solved.


          Reservation Mukth Bharat 112

          In China the labours in the factory work through the year and only once in a year they have a vacation. (They still work as bonded Labour).


          Vasantray Vachhani

          I have not seen any person working like a bondage in Chine during my stay and job in China. Please correct


          Flag Vasudeva Ungati 388

          corruption, favouritism and black money are dragging India down. we were front runners in the technology in early 2000s. we lost that also to China. India is always an advantage point to China.

          腐败、 徇私枉法和黑钱阻碍了印度的进步



          China''s rise is not about 10 years. It is from 1970s


          Deviprasad Nayak 2994

          India leg behind in all fields due to the colonial education system based on foreign language.


          AR 107

          Perhaps we need a different method of governance.



          Why are you ashamed of writing that it is for the simple reasons Indians are incompetent and Chinese are smart! Trying to find lame excuses in the form of Governance, education system, blah blah -- these are all symptoms, not causes.





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